Day: January 1, 2018

HELLO 2018!


Well Hello!

Just a little wave from Minneapolis to wish you a New Year filled with joy, creativity, passion, wisdom and LOVE.

Also, a quick book check in: as several of you know, we’ve been in some pretty hardcore re-writes.  Between Trump taking office, Women’s March and the advent of #metoo (pssst- we helped launch the #mentoo hashtag the afternoon the story broke; for anyone curious, the statistic for men being sexually assaulted is in 1:6.), much needs to be addressed and your patience is TRULY appreciated.

During 2018, I’m looking forward to doing more research, sharing a few excerpts from In Praise of Men and beginning work on its audio companion.

Last but NEVER least, I must express my gratitude again: THANK YOU for caring about this book; for your patronage, feedback and for busting my chops.

May 2018 be YOUR year-
Alla Prossima,