HELLO 2018!


Well Hello!

Just a little wave from Minneapolis to wish you a New Year filled with joy, creativity, passion, wisdom and LOVE.

Also, a quick book check in: as several of you know, we’ve been in some pretty hardcore re-writes.  Between Trump taking office, Women’s March and the advent of #metoo (pssst- we helped launch the #mentoo hashtag the afternoon the story broke; for anyone curious, the statistic for men being sexually assaulted is in 1:6.), much needs to be addressed and your patience is TRULY appreciated.

During 2018, I’m looking forward to sharing excerpts from In Praise of Men via on-line and in-person book readings; beginning work on its audio companion as well as attending select conventions and workshops.

Last but NEVER least, I must express my gratitude again: THANK YOU for caring about this book; for your patronage, feedback and for busting my chops.

May 2018 be YOUR year too-
Alla Prossima,




Greetings from Book Editing Land!

Just dropped by to red alert you re: Mud Soldier, a kinetic sculpture conceived by Killian and Damian Van Der Velden.  This extremely poignant (the mud was gathered from Flanders Field, where thousands fought and died) and creative (the rain melting away the mud mimics the rain which fell during battle) tribute to the men who lost their lives in World War I is so very worth seeing.

Currently on view in Trafalgar Square, this thought provoking piece was commissioned to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele.  You can visit it on-line here:

-File under #neverforget.




Mid-Summer Tidings to Ye!

Here (back in Minneapolis), am thrilled to announce we’re CLOSE TO THE EDIT!  Thus, with the exception of intermittent Twitter check-ins (twitter.com/inpraiseofmen), I’ll be off-line for the next 5-7 weeks wrapping our book.

And… What I haven’t yet revealed: I’ve been secretly working on its follow-up CONVERSATIONS: In Praise Of Men whilst our editor (Mary Scott) has been hard at work.  In the meantime, do celebrate with us by enjoying this genius Art of Noise video: youtube.com/watch?v=UarXly9ezEk

See you in late July!



Salutations from sunny Santa Barbara, C.A.  🙂

Hope this note finds you enjoying the shifting seasons somewhere outside.  I’m near the ocean, wrapping up loose ends-  dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s as they say- as we approach publishing.  It’s an exciting time!

While I don’t want to reveal *too* much, I can say:

1. We’ve re-written roughly 1/4 of the book.

2. I’m currently expanding the final chapter (see: Magnificent Men).

A tiny teaser: one of the amazing men being added to Chapter 9 is Rocky Marciano, the World’s ONLY undefeated Heavyweight Champion.  As you’ve likely guessed, Rocky was a cyclopian component of the classic Stallone character Rocky Balboa,  not to mention a committed community and family man, who retired in his prime to spend more time at home.  Below are a few of my favorite photographs of Marciano.

rocky11  rocky17

In the first, Rock hugs the incredible Archie Moore, whom he beat in his final bout.  Ever generous to those he fought, he publicly appreciated and applauded his opponents (watch the end of this aforementioned Marciano vs. Moore match).  Hashtag: #trueclass.

The next image (Rocky in his robe, ‘Brockton’ blazed across the back) makes me smile so much!  Growing up in this hard working, often struggling, blue collar suburb of Boston, he saw how many felt marginalized and made it a point to be loud-n-proud about his neighborhood.  On the same terrain in 1976, just blocks from his boyhood home, I took my first steps at my Gran’s house.  To this day, when life deals me blows, I think of the hard-hitting family man from down the way and know I *have* to get back up.

Finally, the picture of Rocky adoring his daughter (Mary Ann) melts my heart…  And breaks it as well.  Marciano died in a plane crash on the eve of his 46th birthday, leaving behind two beautiful children whose lives were inextricably altered by his loss.  For all of you Dads out there: whether you’re a shoe shine man, a construction worker, a struggling artist, a small business owner or Elon Musk, PLEASE don’t underestimate how VERY important you are to your children and to YOUR neighborhood.



red-christmas-decorations-christmas-22228015-1920-1200**Season’s Greetings**
I sprinkled a lil snow here for you, no shovel required… 😛

Quick catch up: we’ve firmed up book release/a big push for In Praise of Men for Fall 2017!  In the meantime, I’ve done something slightly cheeky that might “jeopardize a sales segment”, but for which I can’t apologize.  In life, one must stand for what they believe in, and so it is with firmly planted feet that I type these words.

Without a bunch of fancy rhetoric, I stand with Standing Rock.  All of the cultures that commingle in my blood- especially the Mi’kmaq in me- scream: NO MORE.  WE’VE ABUSED THIS COUNTRY’S NATIVE PEOPLE AND LAND LONG ENOUGH!  And clearly, I am FAR from alone- have you seen this yet(?): Veterans At Standing Rock.

I am also deeply disturbed by the racist, unpatriotic acts that birthed BLM, and to put it plainly: Donald Trump is #notmypresident.  NO WHERE in this book will you find him mentioned.  If revealing these sentiments somehow seems inappropriate, I understand.  You’re entitled to your opinion, as well as a refund of your pre-order, which I shall courteously and promptly return should you request it.

Now, the big reveal.  On election day, after anxiously casting my vote, I rushed off to see Suzanne Vega at a local record shop.  With her was Bowie guitarist Gerry Leonard.  I thought he seemed familiar (had seen him on the Reality tour, but from nosebleed seats in a stadium, ages ago), but couldn’t place from where.  When it hit me hours later, I thought about how much had happened since I last saw Gerry; of how I no longer made music; and of course about how that other bright soul on stage (Bowie) was no longer with us.

Around midnight, final polls arriving, a group of us decided we needed a stiff drink.  We wandered into legendary M/SP dive bar The CC Club, and just after clinking our glasses hopefully, I looked up and caught “Clinton Calls Trump To Concede…” silently scrolling across CNN.  At that exact moment, Heresy by NIN randomly came on the overhead.  During the first chorus, a drunk blonde climbed on top of a table and began screaming about our reproductive rights, and all across the bar, heads shook in disbelief.  Was this our future?  Had this really happened?  We were all terrified.

By the final chorus of Heresy, I knew what I had to do.  I began silently humming the ONLY song I’d ever heard that could convey our mood, then messaged several of my former TC Electropunk compatriots and a few ex-band mates.  In less than a week, we assembled en masse to cover the Bowie/NIN collab I’m Afraid of Americans.  By week two, we’d organized a video; on week three, we shot and began editing the thing, then recruited a handful remixers from different countries (Britain, France, Africa, Russia, etc.).  Now, one month out…  Gentlemen and Ladies, meet A*O*A:

Cover Art by Robertson, Whitlatch & Calder

Listen FREE (and if you dig it- own it FOREVER, with profits benefiting #NODAPL) here: a-o-a.bandcamp.com

Last, am pleased to announce that I just wrapped an on-air with Joe Kelley at WVOF, and while it was music-focused, we most certainly discussed the book and its’ forthcoming release.  Will post the archive here soon, and hope you approve.

With Holiday Cheer,



Salutations from the library of the St. James Hotel in Redwing, MN, where the banks of Mark Twain‘s Mississippi are littered with magnificent amber, ocher and rust colored leaves.  While always a bit wistful about Summer’s sayonara, I’m ever enthralled by the falling fauna, crackling fires, long walks, hot apple cider and general ambience of Fall.

Halloween is certainly a glorious, creative thing, but having a full day to reflect on what we’re grateful for- i.e. Thanksgiving- is vital.  This year, I have so much to be thankful for, so I thought I’d take this moment to say: THANK YOU.  I appreciate each and every one of you, and the wonderful folks who- whether editing, re: art direction or providing feedback as a beta reader- are helping this book become a reality.

Wherever you are this weekend, please promise me that you’ll take a moment to stroll outside and take Fall in.

Happy Hallows-To-Be,


A quick AHOY from Book Editing Land!

My dear friend Erin Carere found something that you might find of interest.  Remember this chap, Ethan Hawke?


Many of my generation first met him as Todd Anderson in the film Dead Poets Society, in which he, Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, Josh Charles and a cast of many made us laugh, smile, cry, and take classic literature a little more seriously.  From Shakespeare to Dickens, 1990’s Seattle-tinged cinema to Sci-Fi, we’ve seen Hawke shapeshift through a slew of characters, but what many of us may not have caught: he’s been moonlighting as… an author!

Hawke’s most recent release, Rules For A Knight is a fascinating and relevant read.  Here’s a small snippet from Geekdad: geekdad.com/2016/02/rules-for-a-knight-review, and an excellent interview with Jimmy Fallon:



And here’s a link to preview/peruse the book: