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Our U.S. Navy ensign taking in the Tall Ships at Duluth.

A great, BIG end-of-Summer SALUTE!

This past weekend, I sojourned to Duluth, Minnesota to visit the Tall Ships, and had the privilege of meeting a few of our  U.S. Navy fighting brave, including ensign Blake Ramsdell and Alex Isakson (pictured above).  They had impeccable manners, were full of enthusiasm and optimism, and I couldn’t help but feel like a very proud Auntie.

This led to meditating on how We the People are a little bit like one giant, extended family, and thinking a good deal about my Grandfather, U.S. Navy veteran James ‘Jim’ Richards.


Jim- who in later years preferred to be called by his middle name, Grahame- was a World War II recruit who served as chief announcer and program director for Armed Forces Radio on Leyte.  The Battle of Leyte (part of the Pacific Campaign) is perhaps most famous for being where General MacArthur– aided by the Navy, U.S. Army and native Philippinos fighting for their lives- landed and took back the island from the Imperial Japanese Army  in 1944.

As we finish editing the Men At War chapter of In Praise of Men  this weekend, my gratitude and thoughts are with all of those who served, who currently serve, their families and with our Navy, who shall always be especially dear to my heart.

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With Bright Blessings,


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