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Dearly Beloved,
First things first: apologies for the radio silence.

Next, the truth.  Two weeks ago Thursday, I put a pot of coffee on, fired up my laptop and began typing here when my husband (Simon) gave me a terrible reason to pause.  He relayed something shocking he’d read online; I- not quite believing it- messaged a few people, then paced our apartment nervously.  As we anxiously monitored the Internet for developments, a confirmation text arrived: someone dear to many of us had died.

I must digress…  O.U.A.T. (Once Upon A Time), in a galaxy far, far away, I did time as a music personality (Lolly Pop), the star gate into which was a tiny video stint with Prince.

Story condensed: During the mid-1980’s, I knighted him my fictitious big brother; arriving in Minneapolis in ’94, I was lucky enough to be cast in Get Wild, which- when paired with hard work- would change my life.  There’s more of course, but I probably won’t be qualified to pen that book for another decade.  Something deep will surface at some point, but I’m just not ready to swim through that sea yet.

Now, speaking of points: all that followed led me here, to this precise moment with you.  So…  THANK YOU.  Thank you for tuning in.  Thank you for caring.  And as several of you transitioned here from my life in music, THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOYALTY.


Last…  My friend Brian Gallagher (Prince‘s saxophonist circa NPG; also one of the founding members of Greazy Meal) likewise very suddenly passed away in March.  You can read a bit about his life here:  www.startribune.com/brian-gallagher-of-greazy-m….  While Brian was an infinitely talented musician and songwriter, he was also an amazing Dad to three beautiful, smart as well as loving children (Ava, Cesar and Magdalena), whom he would have given ANYTHING for.  He loved to paint, cook, landscape and laugh.  Brian is survived not only by his music, but by his parents, sister (Kristin), children, his partner (Gina), by his nieces, nephews, friends and co-workers.

Given the unexpected ascension of these two bright souls, I’ve needed time to reflect.  It’s been a surreal month to say the least.  It is my hope that you’ll forgive delays pertaining to In Praise of Men, and know that things will be back on track shortly.

Brian-Gallagher-378x300Brian and Prince, circa ’95/’96 (?)