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red-christmas-decorations-christmas-22228015-1920-1200**Season’s Greetings**
I sprinkled a lil snow here for you, no shovel required… ūüėõ

Quick catch up: we’ve firmed up book release/a big push for¬†In Praise of Men¬†for Fall 2017! ¬†In the meantime, I’ve done something slightly cheeky that might “jeopardize a sales segment”, but for which I can’t apologize. ¬†In life, one must stand for what they believe in, and so it is with firmly planted feet that I type these words.

Without a bunch of¬†fancy rhetoric, I stand with Standing Rock. ¬†All of the cultures that commingle in my blood- especially the Mi’kmaq in me- scream: NO MORE. ¬†WE’VE ABUSED THIS COUNTRY’S NATIVE PEOPLE AND LAND LONG ENOUGH! ¬†And clearly, I am FAR from alone- have you seen this yet(?): Veterans At Standing Rock.

I am also deeply disturbed by the racist, unpatriotic acts that birthed¬†BLM, and to put it plainly: Donald Trump is #notmypresident.¬† If revealing these sentiments somehow seems inappropriate, I understand. ¬†You’re entitled to your opinion, as well as a refund of your pre-order, which I shall courteously return should you request it.

Now, the big reveal. ¬†On election day, after anxiously casting my vote, I rushed off to see Suzanne Vega¬†at a local record shop. ¬†With her was Bowie¬†guitarist Gerry Leonard.¬† I thought he seemed familiar (had last seen him on the Reality tour, but from nosebleed seats in a stadium), but couldn’t place from where. ¬†When it hit me hours later, I thought about how much had happened since I last saw Gerry; of how I no longer made music; and of course about how that other bright soul on stage (Bowie) was no longer with us.

Around midnight, final polls arriving, a group of us decided we needed a stiff drink. ¬†We wandered into legendary M/SP dive bar The CC Club, and just after clinking our glasses hopefully, I looked up and caught “Clinton Calls Trump To Concede…” silently scrolling across CNN. ¬†At that exact moment, Heresy by NIN randomly came on the overhead.¬† During the first chorus, a drunk blonde climbed on top of a table and began screaming about our reproductive rights, and all across the bar, heads shook in disbelief. ¬†Was this our future? ¬†Had THIS happened? ¬†We were all terrified.

By the final chorus of Heresy, I knew what I had to do. ¬†I began silently humming the ONLY song I’d ever heard that could convey our mood at that moment, then messaged several of my former TC Electropunk compatriots and a few ex-band mates. ¬†In less than a week, we assembled en masse to cover the Bowie/NIN collab¬†I’m Afraid of Americans.¬† By week two, we’d organized a video; on week three, we shot and began editing, then recruited a handful remixers from different countries (Britain, France, Africa, Russia, etc.). ¬†Now, one month out… ¬†Gentlemen and Ladies, meet A*O*A:

Cover Art by Robertson, Whitlatch & Calder

Listen FREE (and if you dig it- own it FOREVER, with a portion of profits benefiting #NODAPL) here: a-o-a.bandcamp.com

Last, am pleased to announce that I just wrapped an on-air with Joe Kelley at¬†WVOF, and while it was music-focused, we most certainly discussed the book and its’ forthcoming release. ¬†Will post the archive here soon, and hope you approve.

With Holiday Cheer,