Evening All,

Hope you’ve been having an excellent Summer!
Welcome to my makeshift office; the book updates are…

While our editor is STILL annotating away (we’re deliberating some serious cuts as well as new rewrites), I’ve continued work on IPoM‘s follow up (CONVERSATIONS: In Praise of Men) as well as the above pictured collection of prose- Poems About Boys–  which will be ready shortly.  If you donated $5 or more to our Indiegogo to co-publish IPoM, look for a free PDF copy in your box in 2020! 

Except for Poems About Boys, I won’t make anymore publishing predictions as the aforementioned rewrites have been fierce!  BUT KNOW THIS: after over a decade of work and research on IPoM, I am more committed than EVER to this book being an air-tight, pertinent and entertaining read.  Also, I wanted to relay that I’ve been approached by a couple of literary agents as well as a publisher; if I *do* wind up making a deal, I’ll make sure my advance is the equivalent of what you donated and refund you directly.  Side note: I’ll make damn sure there’s enough left over to throw a big release bash… and you’re invited!

After nearly a year of debate, we narrowed this down to three figures: Mr. Rogers, Nelson Mandela and Theodore Roosevelt.  I’m currently reviewing design submissions from different local artists and will have options to show you soon.  If you’re a graphic designer reading this, we’ll be reviewing submissions through October, SO DON’T BE SHY.  Simply click CONTACT on the menu in the upper right hand corner and introduce yourself!

Next- wherever you’re reading this right now- I’d like to share a moment of silence with you to salute #23 on our
50 Magnificent Men index.  As someone who grew up in Africa, it was inspiring to see Kofi Annan– a neighbor from Ghana- help lead the U.N.  He truly helped shape as well as change our world and it is my belief that if you work smart, hard and persevere, you will too.

Finally, don’t forget: we’re active each week on!

With BIG LOVE from the wild MidWest-
Your faithful author,





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