Hello from Minneapolis, where summer’s kiss is upon us…  Where orchids and lilacs bloom relentlessly as boats race back and forth on Lake Harriet, Calhoun and Mark Twain’s Mississippi.  ‘Tis truly a sight for sore eyes that have been staring at this computer screen, micro-editing a certain book endlessly…  😉

As mentioned in our Indiegogo update, we had a slight snafu concerning the cover art for In Praise of Men.  Corbis- who owned Lunch Atop A Skyscraper– was acquired by Getty Images on May 2nd, and licensing costs have since doubled.  For more detailed info, please visit:–3#/

-Please vote for your favorite cover in a comment below or email me directly!

With Gratitude,

10 thoughts on “COVER WARS

  1. Hi You Two,
    Thanks much for the feedback!

    Dave, you’re on the money- #1 and #6 are REALLY close- the ‘of’ in #6 is just slightly smaller. Peeking again, do you prefer one over the other?

    Sharon, you’re the best- I really appreciate it!

    I’ve had a few other emails and thus far #1 seems the best loved, but still waiting for a few replies, then opening to public vote in a little bit.

    You guys rock!


  2. I like #1 and #5. Bright covers spark my interest over duller colors. Distinct and dramatic is something else that grabs my attention. I’ll stop and look where the dull colors and small print I will tend to pass over. Just my thoughts. Good luck Brooke.


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